Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

When does the abstract submission close?

Call For Papers For Gastech 2021 closes on Friday 29 January 2021

Is there a word limit for abstracts?

The suggested limit is 225-500 words.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Yes you can! The papers themselves must differ in content however they may follow the same stream, authors and affiliation if you wish.

How do I submit my abstract?

You can make your submission here. To complete your application, you will just need to submit your 500-words abstract along with your photo and a short biography.

Who is the Gastech Governing body?

The Gastech Governing Body is made up of a senior, select group of industry professionals, representing the full global gas & LNG supply chains – commercially as well as technically. Gastech’s Governing Body Members help shape the outline of the conference, advise on topics for the Call For Papers and then select the very best possible content for the conference agenda.

After the Call For Papers is closed and, the papers are put through a democratic voting process; the Governing Body vote on the abstracts ensuring all submissions are fairly graded and purely chosen "by the industry, for the industry".

If your abstract is successfully selected, you will be given the opportunity to share your insights with some of the most important people in the industry.

What is the criteria in which my abstract is going to be graded?

The Governing Body Members grade each abstract on specific criteria, resulting in an overall mark out of a maximum possible 40 points. Governing Body members may also choose to move abstracts to sessions which are more relevant to the content of the paper. The voting process takes place in April 2021 and successful applicants will be informed shortly afterwards. At the core of Gastech’s ethos is that voting is an entirely democratic process; no one Governing Body Member carries more weight than any other. All abstracts are fairly graded and purely chosen “by the industry, for the industry”.

    • How interesting is the subject matter to the Gastech audience or to the industry overall?
      Does it capture their imagination and will it share important and useful progress and updates, or new information?
    • Is the abstract relevant to the Gastech audience or to the industry now?
      Will it demonstrate the latest attitudes in thinking, innovation or in delivery?
    • Is the abstract sharing a subject or theme that is new and original material not seen at other industry conference before?
      If it is a familiar subject, does it demonstrate new and innovative updates or progress not yet widely known?
    • Is the proposed speaker (not the company) considered a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience?
      If unknown, this must be graded a neutral 5 points.

What is difference between the Strategic and Technical Conference?

The Strategic Conference examines the most pertinent commercial challenges, project funding & development, trading, pricing, geopolitical issues, market outlook, and analysis.

The Technical Conference covers topics from upstream exploration and field development, through processing, pipelines and shipping to downstream petrochemicals and power generation.The Technical Conference will offer attendees the best business critical content spanning the entire value chain.

What happens if my abstract is successfully selected?

If your abstract is successful voted through by the Governing Body, we will be in touch shortly after the final selection meeting to let you know.

  • A member of the Speaker Management team will then contact you to start the process of publicising your paper’s credentials, including speaker names, biographies /photos and a summary of your abstract. In the preceding weeks to the conference, we will be in touch to manage logistics and presentation requirements with you.
  • The presenter (but not additional authors) will be entitled to full access, free of charge conference pass that provides access to all conference sessions and the exhibition halls. Invitation to Speaker Dinner and to other speaker events are also be included.
  • Speakers will be responsible for their own hotel accommodation, travel, food or other incidental expenses.

What happens with unsuccessful applications?

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by phone at the same time that successful applicants are contacted. 

What are the benefits of becoming a speaker?
  • Complimentary access to full commercial and technical sessions
  • Access to exclusive speaker only networking sessions; including the prestigious speakers’ dinner pre-event and the private speaker lounge
  • Exclusive invitations to social functions and access to unrivalled networking opportunities enabling you to meet other industry leaders and potential clients
  • Gain international recognition and share the stage with other world-class leaders at the world’s largest and most prestigious energy conferences
  • Be profiled and seen across an extensive marketing campaign reaching hundreds of thousands of industry professionals 

Is there any cost involved in the process to become a speaker?

There are no costs incurred for submitting, applying and speaking at the conference. 

However, unfortunately we do not cover travel and accommodation costs for successful speakers.