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VIP Programme Sponsors

Uniper: Tailoring energy solutions. Managing complexity. 

Uniper is a global energy company with about 12,000 employees. It operates in Europe, Russia, and a number of other markets around the world. A balanced portfolio of large-scale assets - combined with outstanding technical and commercial expertise - enable Uniper to deliver bespoke, competitively priced energy products and services. 

Uniper operates about 36 GW or reliable power generating capacity in Europe and Russia which consists mainly of hydro, gas, and coal power plants. This asset and fuel mix makes Uniper a large producer of reliable, dispatchable power with a high percentage of climate-friendly energy sources like hydro  and gas. Uniper also has access to a variety of gas sources, a long term gas contracts and the global LNG market. In addition, Uniper operates gas storage facilities with a total capacity of about 9 bcm in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. Uniper's trading activities encompass the entire energy commodity supply chain in power, emission allowances, natural gas, LNG, coal, and freight.